Like many, I have a library of photos, and other assorted junk with not alot of value other than personal. I thought some of my photos might be of interest. I was never one to record every detail... At best I might caption the photo to the nearest suburb or Year. These photos are put on my website for entertainment value only, good chance a few will be blurry or out of focus, almost guaranteed...When I selected the gallery slider, It's intended to be viewed on a desktop only. I don't do copyright and all that. If you choose to lift a photo and republish, then please do, if you would like to credit me for the photo, that would be great. Any questions, 
Most of the photos in this first group were from a day trip up to Katoomba. I can't recall the date of the trip, likely 2004 or 2005. 
This set of photos from when 3801 was painted in the grey scheme. Personally, my favourite along with black.
2017 visit to Bundaberg Rail Museum. Entry at the end of Station St, North Bundaberg.