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G'day folks,

As any of you who follow my Facebook page would have read, I have announced I have returned to largely building for the U.S and European markets. Reasons are many and varied. I have met great people over the last 5 odd Years in the Aussie market and built some interesting things. Sitting on the other side of the fence, I have certainly seen it all, entertaining to say the least, perhaps unique to the Australian market... I will continue to update my Facebook page occasionally, this depends on the commission owner consenting more often than not. I am not accepting any commission until at least early 2023. I have a huge backlog of work to get through, and I'd like to start walking (not wading) through the studio again. Thankyou everyone who has bought a product out of my shop, or sent me a project to quote on. Never forgotten and immensely appreciated. #7mmmodelrailways #oscalelocomotive #modelleisenbahn

Union Pacific Big Boy
Key O Scale Big Boy


I have started work on 2 (yeah I know) new layouts. One is a branchline in O Scale. Another is a very small (not quite micro) O16.5 layout. Both are very long term projects. I am not getting into custom layout building, that's a whole new thing. Both layouts are test beds for new ideas. When done one goes to a home not 15 minutes away, the other, well I worry about that when the time comes! I'll include a small progress note as the layouts progress.

7mm locomotive

In store...

Outlaw Paint continues to expand rapidly with many new colours. Car modellers are having a field day with some fantastic colours. Very niche colours, including the full range for Holden HK/G and now a full set of colours to suit the Fast and Furious cars. Never saw that coming! How about a green just for transformers and junction boxes... Insane. I've dropped a couple of links below to take you to my store and some of these colours...

Outlaw Tunisian Turquoise 30mL | Jurgen Engel

Outlaw Junction Box Green 30mL | Jurgen Engel

My personal recommendation... I always recommend to stir, not shake paint. This is very important with brands such as Outlaw #outlawpaint with a huge amount of binder and acrylic in the jar. Shaking introduces bubbles. Always clean the threads of a jar of paint (or the lip on a tinlet) and stir your paint. If you don't believe there is anything in that, go ask an auto refinisher their thoughts on a paint that mixes only by shaking without an agitator, notice spray paint has an agitator in the can...On a slightly separate note: never drop a metal ball (or other metal object, any object for that matter) in a glass jar in the vein hope that will mix the paint any better, some have and have almost sliced their hands open with an exploded glass jar...

I have also added the tips sheet for the Auscision O 48 showing the many improvements and adjustments needed. I'm surprised there has already been 15 downloads, hopefully those that have find it useful, I would be interested to hear your feedback...

Worksheets and Workbench | Jurgen Engel

Please note: I no longer paint Andian Figures on their own. There are already many offering this service and charging peanuts (shells at best), I'm not interested in having a race to the bottom. I only offer Andian figures in conjunction with an assembly.

Andian Models O Fettler Set

I am currently building several Peter Boorman kits ex stock for the store. These have taken a huge back seat in favour of other more pressing projects. They should be ready within Weeks. Once sold, this will be it. Looks like the RTR craze has taken another with it, my advice is Peter Boorman will close in the very near future. What a terrible shame detailed kit building seems beyond so many. These built kits will be listed on my website under prebuilt kits. Included are the water tanks, ballast plough, and yard cranes and HG's. #hoscaletrains #nscaletrains #kitbuilding

About 25% of PBW available prebuilt 3rd qtr

Ultimate Modelling Products #umpretail are now in store. After a chat with Lee at UMP I am now an authorised reseller and have a large portion of the range in store. The balance of the range will follow. UMP does an excellent water based acrylic thinner and cleaner, a large variety of sanders, sponges. These are not just rebadged fingernail emery boards, they are well made foam back sanders, washable. I urge you to try them and see for yourself the difference. Excellent water based wash and some cool 3D printed bottle stands. Check it all out below...

UMP Tools | Jurgen Engel

UMP wash cleaner decal set | Jurgen Engel

Happy modelbuilding boys and girls and I thankyou for reading this far, I tend to keep these short, there is enough long winded waffle on the 'net. As always, have a project you want to show off or have a question, you know where to find me. Back to the Workshop, see ya's later.



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