A rusty old tractor?

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Howdy folks,

If this is your first #blog of mine you are reading, lucky you! These short posts are nothing more than quick g'day, what I am working on and what's new in the shop.

I'm still mucking around with my #oscale test track. I am slowly adding some scenery to liven it up a bit, better than looking at plain ol' ply. I'm not intending to get too detailed, this layout sits in my workshop, and the workshop does get quite messy. It's nice to occasionally turn around and shuttle a railcar or whatever back and forth for 3 minutes. In this scene I will add a buffer stop and some foliage to hide the gap under the overpass, and that will probably do for now.

Heljan 7mm
Workshop Test Track

It's not uncommon for me to build stuff other than choo choo trains. I thought it would be a splendid idea to crack open a #classyhobby 1/16 Stuart and take over the house with what must be 50 sprues of plastic. It's coming together well. Plastics modelling for me is a recreation, I make little effort to go all out or research the prototype, I build what's in the box and guess the rest. The plastic in this kit is quite odd, the only cement I have found that grabs is any of the extra thins (#tamiya or #akinteractive) most of the other liquid cements don't seem to penetrate the plastic at all, considering alot of the joins are butt joins, the model really needs welded plastic due to it's size and weight in particular. I have a vision of weathering this one right out, that's why my chosen paint colour is already a faded olive drab by #missionmodelpaints I am a MMP reseller, the paint and kit is paid for out of my own pocket.

ClassyHobby Stuart M5A1

I consider myself pretty organised, I was very surprised to find a couple of USB memory cards tucked away in a document folder just recently. In them were some photos of a layout I completely forgot about (yes and that's only 2013). This was a little go at modelling Victorian Railways in H.O. No sooner had I made a start, my work assignment was complete and it had to be dismantled. Oh well, it wasn't such a bad thing. I just can't get my head around 16.5mm gauge track for 1/87 broad gauge. It looks weird because it is. I didn't come down in the last shower, I'm well aware of the scale of economics and why this is such. From the moment I laid the first bit of track I really wasn't in the game, and secretly was elated to get rid of the layout and stock. I did have a momentary thought of swapping out the rollingstock to NSWGR, and if it wasn't for having to completely dismantle the layout I might have gone that way for a while.

For many Years I followed and modelled the Grande. Around 5 or so Years ago I had a bit of a Grande burnout and gave it a rest for a while. As of late, certain things running on track 3ft wide have got my attention again, and looking through a few old favourite books, notes and magazines have got my gears turning again. Below is a shot of my last Rio Grande project, an elaborate dual gauge yard. There's something extraordinarily satisfying about hand laying dual gauge track, and I have the feeling this is about to be rediscovered in the future, for those that care, stay tuned.

A few new things in the shop. #outlawpaints is going mad releasing more new colours that I can barely keep up with. It's so exciting to see very specialised and highly detailed colours. Not forgetting Outlaw also has alot of colours useful for model railways. Checkout the tractor below, where the rust set was used... Enter that one in a contest Braden...

You will notice I have been steadily filling out the Kerroby detail parts. My intention is to stock the lot, auto, rail, military. This will be a slow and steady process. I will lean towards filling out the auto and O Scale railway bits first.

I now have a huge portion of the Ultimate Modelling Products range in stock, and this will stay. Somewhat niche and unknown in #australia. UMP do a massive range of wash, pigment, printed tool holders and desk organisers, the APEX airbrush. Have a look, the decal set is the best on market, and I can absolutely say right here, I don't stock one single item I don't believe in or use myself. Period. I back the lot up.

Lars Scenery again just sells out as soon as it arrives. I am about to reorder (mid Nov), I bring in as much as I can with each shipment (and also what there is in stock). If there is an item that you keep missing out on (I get many enquiries on the Verge mats) please ask! I am more than happy to meet individual requirements, it only takes an email and I never take your money upfront... This range really is one of the best on the market, all pieces are handmade in the beautiful Netherlands, and is to scale.

Before I leave you fine folk, please consider visiting Rail Modeller Australia and download the latest magazine. Each issue has a surprising amount of content and is certainly worth a read. Maybe you see the value of such a publication and would like to make a small donation to assist the Editor in publication?

Home (railmodelleraustralia.com)

Have fun folks. As always, you know where to find me... If you feel like it, drop me a line and say g'day and share your latest work, happy to publish, regardless of your skill level or preferred building genre...


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