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G'day dudes,

#MicroLayout I have hinted here and there that I am building an O Scale micro. Work progresses in stages. I'll go nuts and do a heap then nothing for a fortnight. I'm pleased to report the major work is now complete. There is now the never ending task of detailing. On this diorama there will be a completion date. As early as this weekend (27/28-03) I will be adding some final details, a couple of humans and I reckon I might call this one done. Truth be known, it has an appointment with a couple of publications...

Notice I had a little play with the photo's... which one is original? which colour is correct? Don't assume too quick... Lighting can do amazing things to colour in print...

#Groupbuild Anyone who knows me, knows I think little of Group builds. When I build a model (whether it's for myself or on commission) the model is ready when it's ready. GB's have a time certain completion date, and often the are subjects of a kit I don't have handy... All of a sudden I'm doing two for a couple of different groups. The race is on. A #DragonBall Yamcha car (I knew collecting DragonBall would pay off one day!) and a Mirage. These aren't intended to be winners, they are deliberately simple kits to encourage those that are maybe a bit shy to have a go, or perhaps to encourage someone that not EVERY build has to be a 5 Month long marathon only using enough aftermarket to sink a battleship... I can't help but think this puts more people off than on... More on this in the near future.

Academy 1/48 Mirage and the superb Infini sanders.

#infinimodel I was recently offered a selection of these to try, they are superb.

Yamcha's Car

One thing I couldn't do (easily) last Year was open the Studio to invite days. In the past I have invited one or two guys who want a little guidance or some mentoring on various aspects of kit assembly (this is specifically model railway genre). I am looking at starting this again in 2021. Prices for the classes do vary with what is to be achieved, but generally it's a full day, tailored to you and your current skills and whatever it is you want to learn. I prefer to keep the numbers very small so as to keep things very focused. Larger groups are great for more general classes. I'll put some info up closer to the dates and go from there.

Other waffle... New colours in the #outlaw_paints paint range, including a large addition to the rail paint range. Chrome is also now in stock find it here Outlaw Chrome 30mL | Jurgen Engel, this is a real chrome, there is quite a procedure to prep and application to get the best result, don't be shy to ask for some assistance if you are not sure... Some new car colours including Calsonic Blue, asked for by many. Outlaw Paint has quickly gained momentum with several stockists seeing the quality. One of the great features of this paint is the manufacturer is not shy about filling the jar with the colourful stuff. (I'll keep this as simple as possible)... Acrylic Lacquer... the clear stuff is the lacquer... the colourful stuff is the acrylic... and this is what stays behind once the lacquer evaporates. I was sold on Outlaw filling the jar... More colourful stuff, more model you will paint, or less paint you will need to buy, take your pick on that... I have put up plenty of posts in various Instagram and Facebook posts demonstrating how little paint I used to paint the models. Send me a g'day if you missed them and I gladly walk you through. The single biggest feedback I receive is how well the paint covers. For those of us old enough to remember... Recall how a jar of Floquil seemed to last forever...?... Everything to do with the density and quality of the pigment.

#calsonic blue. Time to dig out the Neesarn kits and get building. Other specific colours recently released include Jagermeister Orange and #Gulfblue and Orange. All available here...

Outlaw Jagermeister Orange 30mL | Jurgen Engel

Outlaw Gulf Blue 30mL | Jurgen Engel

Outlaw Gulf Orange 30mL | Jurgen Engel

A huge restock from Lars is due any day, it's currently in Customs. Lars has now added me as a Global partner, expect to see this range grow, swiftly.... #larsopthofscenery

Will also be expanding both the stocks of Kerroby parts and Ozmods kits too, orders in preparation for both.

That's about all folks. As always you know where to find me. News next time some chat on kit building services, the usual store updates and more layouts...! Have a nice weekend.

BOOM! Love it when TNT drops off a parcel...

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