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Howdy folks,

Work continues on my own O Scale layouts. I'm building both quite a large O Scale layout and the pictured micro, which provides a nice diversion through the tedium of building a monster layout. The micro is only about 40 cms deep and 90 cms long, and I think also proves space is rarely the excuse for a layout... I know it may not appeal to all, it does allow a few wagons to be displayed, shunt a wagon and spend some money in building a layout... It allows me to build a detailed layout in a fairly short time. Work continues on a fishing boat and when that's finished the port area off to the right will be completed. This layout will only get in the way in the long run, I may consider selling it for the right price.

I have been building in O Scale for around 5 Years now, after about 20 in Colorado narrow gauge. It's been quite a refreshing change. I still research the Grande will one day go back to it, though in maybe On3. I'd like to consider Sn3 though the market is very niche and my concern remains if the one key supplier folds, the market is stuffed.

It's nice to get a blast from the past and a previous customer from the mid 2000's had sent a G'day. The blog attached http://borderdistrict.wordpress.com/ shows Anthony's progress on his beautiful HO Scale layout featuring VR and SAR operations. It's worth a visit, there are some fantastic images of this large layout.

It's amazing how much stuff one (one being me) collects when building collections. I had a clean out over Christmas and found kits I can't even recall buying, or bought and had forgotten about. I am making an effort to have the weekends to myself and family and also the time to start building alot of these kits. Not just trains, anyone who knows me knows my fascination with large scale aircraft and the unusual subjects such as Nn3 logging or whitemetal buses.... I really wonder why I can't collect stuff that doesn't require building!

I'm currently mucking around with a Tamiya Toyota Celica. I admire the car guys spending hours polishing their paintwork, that's not for me. I should have it finished in the next couple of Weeks and will put up in my next blog for everyone to laugh at...

Jurgen Engel webstore....

A number of new items now in store, I now have a reliable supply of adhesives. A new Australian paint manufacturer, Outlaw Paint now in stock. These are very good paint with very generous pigment and a few other little goodies to make spraying them a piece of cake. When testing these paints for suitability to stock I made a point of spraying them in a 45 degree shed at about 20 psi from 12 inches away to see if I could make a mess of the paint job... Much to my surprise the finish was beautiful and smooth. I straight away put in a for a reseller application and now have these paints available for sale. Many colours are direct matches for automotive colours, allowing the car builders to have a nice selection. Model railway painters haven't been forgotten, and very soon you will see some special announcements. The QR shed below has the walls, trim and base colour of the platform all painted in Outlaw paint.

I am about to re-order with Lars Opt Hof. The scenery mats have been very popular and I am now almost out of stock. I will be focusing now on mats proven to be excellent for Aussie style layouts. These really are the premium scenery product. There is alot of rubbish in the marketplace with little thought into colour or application. Thankyou to everyone who has bought a Lars Opt product, you guys know quality when you see it.

I am again out of stock of the LED's. I can't believe how popular these continue to sell. Thankyou to everyone. I will have a chat to my good friend in Honkers to put together another run. The special way these are assembled, with the wire and attention to detail you won't find anywhere else.

My waffle will only get a bit boring after a while... I'd like to see what everyone is working on, maybe a short article on a project or a photo of your layout, latest kit assembly, maybe a photo of your cat asleep in the kitbox... Pop an email through to me and I'll be sure to include your photo in my next blog. Heck, if you are a small manufacturer or maybe you are a cottage/boutique industry supplier of the hobby, drop me a line, I reckon I can fit in a free plug for you somewhere.

Till next time dudes. Happy modelbuilding. Enjoy building your models to a standard that suits you, don't worry too much about what the internet expects, have fun. Later.

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