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This time around I thought I would share a few of the various models coming through using a few products you can find in my webstore. Some of these models I have shared on my Facebook page as well.

Starting with a louvre van repainted by Chris Butchart.

What really impressed me was the attention to detail with paint. Chris had taken the time to spray some test samples, understand what the colour looks like under his lighting rigs, then apply a base and clear coat to adjust the colour to give him a result that pleases his eye.

#outlawpaints #modelbuildings #airbrushtutorial

Outlaw Paint Acrylic Lacquer

Next up is an insane diorama by David Martyn. David was after some LED's to add some animation to this amazing diorama. I offered David a few ideas and some tips on wiring up the LED's and the result is below. Unbelievable. Easily one of my favourite model photos for 2021. #smdled #diorama

Jurgen Engel SMD LED

Last, but certainly not least. Owner of Outlaw Paint in Brisbane, Braden Sheedy is also an avid model railway nut, and builds some beautiful scenes into his layout along with dioramas. Pictured below are two. Beautifully presented, and excellent attention to colour.

Outlaw Paint HOn3.5
QR in 1:87

Below you will find a few links to some of the products featured. When purchasing Outlaw Paint, please consider a local reseller first before purchasing through my webstore. Spending money in your local hobbyshop keeps them open...

Warm White pre-wired 0402 SMD LED pkt 5 | Jurgen Engel

Outlaw Mushroom 30mL | Jurgen Engel

What else is happening?

A second O Scale AD60 #ad60class is now well and truly in the throws of assembly. I am not updating this assembly as one was only built late last Year and was comprehensively photographed and updated. You can see the photo's on my Facebook page. Likewise with a Veteran Models K now in the paint shop. With the cooler months quickly approaching my window to paint narrows dramatically to just a couple of hours in the middle of the day. Parts are preheated and baked where possible (don't try this with plastic folks).

A few new products in store. Lars is now restocked with some new items.

Lars Op't Hof Weeds Olive Green 06.74 | Jurgen Engel

Lars Op't Hof grass flock fibre Summer 09.44 50g | Jurgen Engel

Before I leave you (and thanks for reading this far). I love the photo below, I dish it out every so often. Have a look at the image below... Anyone courageous to point out the "correct colour"... Anyone? You would be right to say nothing, after all, who knows what the original colours were and how the colour has been lost and subsequently adjusted through goodness knows how many cameras and film and computer screens over the Years...

WW2 uniform colour
How many shades?

Have a nice weekend amigo's. You all know where to find me by now, if not... Drop me a line, say G'day and share what you are working on if desired. Oh, the build on the #11 World Kogei 2-8-0 is now finished, any questions on building one for yourself, ask away.

#OGauge #hoscalemodeldetails #wrongcolour #7mmmodelling #OScale

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