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Mission Models Paint #missionmodels now in my webstore. For the last 3 odd Months I was trying all manner of acrylic paint to see which would go into my store. Mission Models paint won out easily. Yes there is all sorts of bullshit floating around it doesn't dry, it's too complicated, rah rah rah... Too often the largest source of problem is users coming over from the very thin and fine enamels, lacquer, inks. Acrylic is (generally) a different animal. Believe it or not, there may be a period of adjustment where you need to learn a new products intricacies and both good and bad points. If you are going to try a new paint without a little experimentation and then announce a product is rubbish, fool on you perhaps.

All Mission Models colour is 9 bucks a bottle. Primers and additives/thinners also in store.

Mission Models Paint | Jurgen Engel

Being a genuine acrylic, no problem posting this stuff Worldwide if you can't get it locally.

I will add to the range as time goes on. Initially the colours I have chosen are for the general interest. I really like the faded/scaled versions of some colours, this is excellent. Similar to what AK Interactive #AKInteractiveofficial offers on it's acrylic lacquer paints and Outlaw Paint #Outlawpaint does with their railway colours. I am personally ecstatic manufacturers are going down this path, they will get my personal support. A couple of photos below of some beautiful modelbuilding showing off what can be done with Mission Models Paint. Both models built by Steve Hall, Sydney, Australia.

Mission models paint 1/72 Scale

FW-189 Mission Models Paint

To wrap up on Mission Models paint for now... I had contacted Jon Tamken and was given the nod by the owner of MMP to go ahead with reselling this paint in Australia. So please, the couple of children, grow up, you are looking a hair silly.


Only quickly here. Yet another Garratt is well on it's way for assembly. I have posted a fair bit about Garratt's on my Facebook page, and there are a lot of photo's there showing previously built examples. The example in the photo below was just dragged out of the bath!

Modelbuilding in general.

Effective, let's call it from today, Friday 14/05/2021. I no longer accept any (or quote for) projects in scales smaller than 1:48. This has absolutely been my goal to work towards full time kit assembly in larger scales only. I have done it all Z, Zn3, Zm, N, Nn3, HO, HOn3/2.5/3.5, S, O, On2/2.5/3, G, 1, II/m, III. I know where my love lies, and it's with larger scale models. O Scale, Gauge 1 and 3 are my focus now. I am already contemplating my next move, 5" rollingstock and look forward to visiting the new Winters shopfront in Bathurst very soon.

In addition, I am not accepting any expressions of interest or taking timeslots for assembly until at least the end of 2022. I am just simply booked right out. 40-50 hours a Week building is all this low #lowdown internet clown can manage.

For those who remember, my little O Scale micro featured in a previous issue was featured in Rail Modeller Australia, link below. I currently have the layout being reviewed by several O/S publications, so we see how that goes.

Home (railmodelleraustralia.com)

It's getting cold in the Southern Hemisphere...

Don't forget guys with the colder Months coming here to take care of your acrylic consumables. Many acrylic paints do not like freezing. I keep all my paints off my workbench anyway (for me it's a stupid waste of space and how often does one need access to IJN battleship No.4 grey or whatever). I keep all my acrylic paint (including store stock) stored in the house in a stable climate. I have never had any problems when doing this, I have had acrylic paint go "funny" when exposed to freezing conditions (Vallejo in particular). Many of us build in garages or sheds, and sub zero temps are easily achieved... Make sure your favourite hobbyshop stores it's paint out of freezing conditions...

A few photos to admire;

Brian Dencklau has shown what can be done with Mission Models Paint... I'm still trying to get my head around the finish on this one. Beautiful.

Lars Opt Hof scenery HO Scale

What a beautiful scene by the Master himself, Lars. Everything in the photo is done with his scenery line.

Lars Op't Hof Scenery Mats | Jurgen Engel

Lars Op't Hof Tufts | Jurgen Engel

Tufts are getting a little low. You guys like 'em. Will do a reorder towards the end of the financial Year here. As you have found out, these scenery products are to scale and work well from N Scale and up. If an item is scaled for something larger, I note that in my store item description.

NSWGR 3801 Valley Heights

The place has gone Furdee Ate Oh Won mad at the moment. Here we see 3801 at Valley Heights on it's way to Katoomba, then unloading the rest of the passengers at Medlow Bath for some very nice high tea. Photo by me.

A little purchasing. The acrylic lacquers by AK are superb, and again, scaled for colour. I haven't bothered to check, if 71 is the number of sets, I have about another 65 to buy... eek! The cement is true extra thin, she will pull right along a seam without having to brush it in, excellent... As good as Tamiya? yep, it's likely the same stuff anyway. The clue to my next project is in the paint colours...

Thanks for stopping by. There seems to be some interest in my blogs which is great. They are nothing more than a pisstake of myself and5 minutes of light reading and a happy snap or 3 while sitting on the dunny. That's about my attention span too :) If the readership keeps up, I'll keep doing them.

If you have a photo of a finished model you are particularly proud of, why not drop me a line and I will be happy to include in my next Blog.

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