Privacy Policy
I'm here to build choo choo trains and share my job with a few who appreciate. I also want you to have fun shopping and while having a poke around my website. I have no interest in your IP, where you went internet shopping next, or which website you just came from. As little interest in your address, C/C or Pay Pal details, brand of PC or any device starting with I. Not fluffed in collecting or selling your data and will never collect any data from you (I'm not that hard up for entertainment), this includes using any variety of app out there. The only info I will see is your postal address and immediate contact details when you buy something from my store and payment confirmation from my payment supplier. When you make a purchase or sign up as a site member you will receive a marketing email couple of times a Month directly from me (when I get the time and feel like it), which most of you seem to enjoy anyway as they are often clicked on.
If you are getting all edgy over this, send me your email address and I'll wipe it from every list I can access (basically site members and previous store customers).

That's it for my privacy policy. The above likely wouldn't satisfy a lawyer, but you're here because you love trains and want to build a model railway or buy something from my online hobby shop, and that I appreciate.