This airbrush is intended for the very beginner wanting to try out an airbrush, without the cost. This is not a "top end, internet/social media forum approved airbrush", have a second look at the price...


I decided to offer this as a way for someone to get the feel of using an airbrush. Have a go at pulling it apart and learn about what makes it tick, use it to learn preparation and cleaning.


Each airbrush has been disassembled, seals lubricated with Badger "Regdab"... The needle has been polished, lubricated and all moving parts checked for smooth and free movement. I have made a small adjustment to the return spring to remove the "slop" in the trigger action. Each airbrush is sprayed and checked with AK Interactive acrylic thinner.


The airbrush is suitable for most thinned solvent based lacquers, enamels, oils, inks. Can be used with acrylic, though with a needle at 0.3mm you may find you need to keep your acrylic thin. I have been using one for several Weeks and with inks or thinned solvents can easily spray a line down to a mm or two and no problem spraying large areas, such as 1/24 car shell.


Features both a 1/8 fitting or a removable quick connect. If you need a airbrush hose, they are available in my store as well. Airbrush weighs 90grams.


As always, my email comes with the purchase to assist you in getting your feet wet with airbrushing.

0.3mm Dual Action Airbrush.