20 Pce drill bit set. 


0.3mm - 1.6mm. 


A couple of tips from using these sized drill bits for over 25 Years...


1. When using such fine drills, I recommend lubricating by inserting the drill bit into some regular bar soap or a piece of beeswax (ideal).

2. With the very small drill bits (under 0.7mm) chuck the bit as far as you can, only exposing as much of the bit as you will need for your job.

3. Never force or over exert the smallest bits. I find drilling for a couple of turns, then back out to allow the swarf to clear greatly extends the life on these bits.


These are ok quality, but really only useful in plastics, some resins, light timbers etc. I would not recommend for hard metals, pewter...


20 Pce Drill Bit set 0.3mm - 1.6mm