Outlaw C3813 green 30mL.


Wow. What a story behind this colour. 


Thankyou to Dallas Dogger, I was given the privilige of opening a jar of paint bottled in 1973. Well, once I finally moved the bakelite lid off the jar the Workshop was immediately vented! This green was drawn from the drum at Enfield, and was the green applied to 3813 specifically at that time. I understand 3609 was also painted with the same green whilst on static display at Petersham. 


Thankyou Dallas for the very special opportunity, and thankyou Outlaw who spent a few extra sleepless nights getting this colour right. 




Consistency ready for airbrush use, cleanup is with any lacquer thinner.


Very deep and rich pigment, please don't forget to stir your paint!


Outlaw is Brisbane based.

Outlaw NSWGR C3813 green 30mL

  • Paint may only be posted within Australia by road.