Packet of 5 pre-wired warm white 0402 SMD LED.


These LED are pre-wired with stranded colour coded wire. Beware of the many prewired SMD LED available with clear coating magnet wire that both makes it hard to determine the polarity of the wiring and places extra stresses at the LED solder pad.


All LED are bench tested prior to post.


1kohm resistors included. You will need to wire these in series with the LED.


**Postage** The minimum weight I can enter for these yields a very high postage cost after more than 3 packs . If purchasing LED's only in an order, please checkout, tick the pay manually option. I will see your order and email you the Invoice with the correct post applied. Thanks!


Warm White pre-wired 0402 SMD LED pkt 5

  • It is expected that the buyer has some experience in handling SMD electronics and has knowledge of how to correctly wire LED's.