NSWGR AD60 Garratt

Strath Hobbies Sn3.5 902, now resides in it's new home in the U.S.A.

Enjoy your visit. Links below will take you to my store, various projects, my personal project on the White Pass RR and photos of the real stuff I have taken over the Years.





I have actively assembled model railway kits for what must be over 30 years now.  Back in 2015 my hobby turned into to a fulltime enterprise, offering my skillset to the hobbyist looking to have that special kit assembled.

Commissions undertaken are brass and whitemetal in scales 1:48 and up.

All of my metalwork is soldered.

Locomotives assembled in O, G1, G3 and narrow gauge versions only. I'm sorry, I no longer quote on 3D printed kits, H.O Scale or smaller.

Please browse the photos on this page and feel free to ask any questions, remembering a lot of the finished models featured here are built to both the owners budgets and individual requirements. 




Strath Hobbies kit
Check out AussieScaleModeller on Youtube, featuring the best in all things Aussie made modelling and products.

Model Locomotive Assembly Services update, please see below under "kit assembly"

Model locomotive kit
O Gauge Brass locomotive
Model building tools and accessories
Kit Assembly
Something had to give. The amount of request for kit assembly reached crazy heights (I can't thank you guys enough, I'm flattered). Books remain closed throughout 2022 and quite possibly into 2023. I just can't take on any additional in the short term. Once I know where I am at, you will all know about it...  I no longer offer to build in scales smaller than 1:48. I'm sorry, I no longer quote on 3D printed kits.
Not all projects get the nod, sometimes the owner requests the model be on sold for a variety of reasons, or I may buy the piece, do the work required and sell. Check out the commission items on offer.
Stockist of UMP, Outlaw paint, micro LED's, Mission Models Paint, high quality scenery mats and tufts by Lars Op't Hof, Rollys RR Kits are now in stock, and kits by Ozmods. Tools and other bits and pieces. You will find these products in my store. Free post within Australia on orders over 99 bucks. You will only find stuff in store that I personally use, believe in and most importantly, back it all up with first hand advice from the guy that actually uses it. 
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Weathering Wash
Afterpay in store
Outlaw Paints
Outlaw Paints
Super Glue
Stuart Tank
Narrow Gauge Railway

Classy Hobby 1/16 Stuart built by yours truly. Mission Models Paint used throughout.

A beautiful QR station diorama by Braden Sheedy of Outlaw Paint.

HO Scale NSWGR train
Peter Boorman Conversion kit for a NSWGR Weedicide tank. Paint base is Outlaw Way and Works, available in store.
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You can also find updates on my IG account kitbuilder_the

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